I have a lot to share about my SIGCSE experience (which isn’t over yet!), and a longer post will be coming soon. I wanted to share something now, though. 

Today at SIGCSE I learned that a study from UCLA’s BRAID research group reported that only 4% of students in introductory computer science courses (at a sample size of 65 universities) in 2015 were first-generation, female college students. The paper also explores the relationship between their experiences in these courses and their feelings of self-efficacy and belonging in the computer science environment. 

I am proud to be a first generation college graduate and am even more proud to say I have a Masters degree in Computer Science.

I am learning so much from this conference and am still processing all the information. I can say right now, though, that I have a lot of strong emotions about the current state of the field. I always have, but they’re even stronger now. 

For those interested, the paper may be found here:

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