“Eight states have fewer than ten girls take AP computer science exam”

I was scrolling through my emails tonight when I found this subject hidden between all the “Today’s deals!” and “Save 30% off this Cyber Week!” promotions. It was sent from csteachers.org, a site and organization I joined about a year ago. Happy to see something with more content than a promotional email, but unimpressed with this statistic, I read more from the article bearing this headline. 

The Education Week article discussed unimpressive data regarding high school students taking the AP Computer Science A Advsnced Placement exam this year.

Of the U.S test-takers, 23 percent were girls. That’s up from 22 percent last year.

But in eight states, fewer than 10 girls took the exam, and Mississippi and Montana didn’t have a single female take the exam.

I’m amused (but also not) that the article offsets this disappointing news with an upbeat “hey, something got 1% better!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy things are improving, but I know first-hand that we have a long way to go and how difficult it is to even discuss these topics.

I’ll be using this blog as a place to organize what would be my otherwise-jumbled thoughts regarding the various daunting issues that anyone even remotely involved in computer science faces (and some positive stuff, I promise). My hope is that at least someone out there will stumble upon this someday and realize, “hey, I’m not alone! I’m not an impostor!” or perhaps more realistically, “well, I might be an impostor, but maybe everyone else is too.” At the very least, this will be a source of inspiration for myself for those days where I need just a little extra encouragement.

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